Posting schedule:

Books: One “good book” per day, with no more than a sentence of recommendation or explanation. One full-fledged review per week, on Sundays.

Puzzles: Daily. Right now, puzzles will re-direct to allstarpuzzles.com, where they expire after a month; I’m working on getting the code set up here, so I can host them myself.

Recipes: Weekly, on Wednesday.

About me

I am also known as Doctor Science, which is sort of a joke, sort of not. My highest degree is an MA in theoretical population genetics, but I’m notorious for knowing about all kinds of scientific fields and an incredible mish-mash of other stuff, too. I know more than you! (sometimes).

Back in the early Bronze Age I was the science reviewer for Amazon.com. I’ve presented papers on the history of immunology and on the nature of online fandom.

Feel free to leave book, image, or recipe recommendations in the comments.

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